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Personal BrandingIn the field of business strategy, branding is a decisive factor when choosing a strategy with differentiation for any business that decides to reach its goals. The individual who decides to undertake the path to success in any given area should work to differentiate him or herself by imprinting a personal branding.

I am certain that this might seem like a difficult effort, particularly when you compare it with the world of business, as creating a brand image is not an easy task and uses a lot of resources. Rather, creating your personal branding, an image of a personal mark is something completely achievable and I would even go as far as to say that it is easy to do: What you need is to be attentive to be more human.

Negative persona

Rotilio says: But, I am true and real human, flesh and bones!! (For those of you who have not met Rotilio yet, he is my negative persona).

What I mean, is to develop attitudes and skills that make us more humans: Kindness, honesty, serving others without expecting anything in return, interpersonal relationships… etc.

I would like to propose 8 strategies to develop your Personal branding:

  • Always smile: It’s the first and best weapon of all you can have. To develop this strategy you have to become aware that you have many reasons to smile… because you are alive. Regardless how bad your day is going, smile…. always. If you feel sick, smile. The signal you are sending your brain is that you are vibrating in a positive frequency because you are smiling, so the brain adjusts your energy levels and just like magic, your day gets better.
  • Pay attention to your body posture: Notice when you feel very happy, How is your back, your shoulders, your head? How is the way you walk? Know yourself very well, down to the smallest detail, how your body behaves when you are feeling truly happy and rehearse with every step you take, every posture and position of your body so when you are not having such a great day you can change and act just like your body behaves when you are feeling happy. Again, the message you send your brain and system is that you are feeling very happy and then your body will segregate hormones -like serotonin- to increase your happiness. body posture
  • Learn the name of each person who frequently interacts with you: Our first names are a vital part of everyone’s Personal Touch. It is music for people’s self-esteem of people and individuals feel closer and more human. When possible, get to know the names of people who are important in the life of those you interact more with. This will help you break the ice and to have more conversations… which is the cue for the next point:
  • Take 2 minutes: of your time and make them Personal minutes a week for those you interact with at your job. During those two minutes ask how they are doing; ask about their family, about things they are interested in. The goal here is to get to know the other person. Focus all your energy in listening what they have to say with a smile showing you are interested. There is an audio-visual book inside all and everyone, and you are interested in reading and learning about such book. This will help you develop your differentiation strategy or your Personal Branding.
  • Be a gentleman or a lady: In your mind, all day, the idea of how to make life easier for those around me should be present at all times. This does not entail a major sacrifice: Simple gestures like opening a door and let other people to go in first is enough and it’s never forgotten.
  • Say thanks from your heart: People tend to forget how important this is. The power of giving thanks is a key that opens thousands of doors and builds your Personal Branding, when you are able to acknowledge and appreciate when someone does you a favor or has a gesture toward you. Thanks
  • Greet when you arrive to a place: When I usually arrive at a place where I work or offer my services I take a couple of minutes to say hi. This place is called the “War Room” and is where projects launch is planned. Since it is called the “War Room” when I enter I say: Good morning Vietnam! (as a memory of that Robin William’s movie from 1987). Find a phrase you identify with your place of work or whatever you do. This can be something like: “The Roadrunner in insurance policies sales is here” or any other line from a famous movie: “I’ll be back” to “exterminate” your problem. Use your creativity.
  • Be generous: In all areas of life. Discover the unexplainable satisfaction of giving without expecting anything in return. There are simple things you can do that contribute to your Personal Branding. For example, you can bring coffee to your coworkers. A gift for someone’s birthday. You can help carrying something for the cleaning lady or the mailman.generous

You can start step by step. There is no rush. It might take me from 21 to 27 days to build that habit and erase old patterns.  The only requirement is to enjoy the process of creating your Personal branding.

Happy Friday!

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becoming more productive in every area of your life!
becoming more productive in every area of your life!
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