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While I was driving home after a long day of work I noticed my mind arrived before me, and organized my post-work schedule: Arrive home say hi, change clothes, go to the yard and water the tomatoes, and the orchard. Also remember to help with the chores in the kitchen and vacuum early so you have time to spend some time with the kids, and hit the supermarket for groceries for dinner. Mindfulness of the present moment was completely asleep.

All this monologue in my mind was interrupted by a beautiful spring sunset where colors were becoming increasingly exulting. Then almost as if by magic, my mind became silent and my mindfulness opened all my senses to the beauty of the moment. Not only the sunset looked more brilliant, but the canopies in the trees, the colors in the sky, the ground, and in all nature seemed to increasingly become much clearer.

I turned off the air condition and put my windows down to enjoy that moment of pure mindfulness: The natural breeze helped to filter the different smells with all my senses sublimed, and I could capture the pure and beauty in the air. That experience of beauty, color, and light definitely was but mindfulness of the present moment.

It drew my attention that the act of being mindful not only quieted my mind (and with that the anxiety to get home and do all those things, to already experience a negative feeling, and to waste energy) but the tiredness of that exhausting day and the unease for all my mind told me to do and even the way I was driving immediately changed, and the polarity changed. Now I felt relaxed and in peace.

That moment of mindfulness lasted for few minutes and gave me several life lessons. These are what I want to share with all of you who, just like me, are trying to make life a path of constant fulfillment and happiness.

Five Steps to activate the mindfulness of the present moment:


  • 1) Perceive the beauty of nature. While the moment of mindfulness came all of a sudden that day by perceiving the beauty in a sunset, we can consciously induce that state of attentiveness and mindfulness. Simply focus on the beauty in the color of the leaves in a tree, the color of the sky or how the sun shines. Just watch and perceive. Do not judge nor compare the different recipients of beauty.


  • 2) Focus all your attention on the activity you are currently performing. Just as I shared with you sometime in the past, the Society teaches us and motivates us to multitask with the “promise” of being more effective work-wise. I would like to motivate the change in that mind model. Let us do one task at the time and place all of our attention on that activity. Try to perceive the beauty in that activity.


  • 3) Try not to block your thoughts. If a thought shows up and comes, let it be. It is also energy. Acknowledge that thought by saying, I am aware of you my thought, and I acknowledge you. Now I gain mindfulness of that activity I am doing and I perceive the beauty in it.


  • 4) Breathe consciously from your abdomen. If you do not know how, don’t worry. I will share a simple guideline on how to learn breathing from the stomach soon. While you breathe in, in your mind tell to yourself: I am the air I am breathing in. When breathing out say, I am perceiving the beauty in this very moment.


  • 5) The more important step: Enjoy the process of learning to be mindful of the present moment.


This link will take you to a page to help you understand better the process of mindfulness through practice as performed by Dr. Monica Frank, and which details in a very complete way what it is and what is not the process of mindfulness:

A big hug to you and Happy Friday!

PD: I normally write in English but sometimes inspiration comes in mother language (Spanish in my case).  On those cases I use and I’m very happy with their services (It is not a software or apps; I like to use real people who can understand human feelings!! 🙂 )

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