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Green life

Going internally green

Especially if human kind is heading to a consumerism trend of what’s natural, pure, and organic; toward the green. Non-processed meals, with no additives, and as natural as possible are increasingly preferred. Every time more people prefer to use products not requiring to be cooked and that are safe to eat raw: From the tree to your mouth. Even here, in the state of Georgia where I live, home orchards are a very common practice and fertilizer is produced out of food used by the households.

By the same token good health, breathing fresh air, and electronic detox are becoming more and more valued. At the company I provide consulting services a usual sight is people walking in the parking lots and working standing rather than seated thanks to modern desks which allow changing the height of the computer.

Furthermore, government, power companies and gas distribution companies offer juicy incentives to energy efficient products. States like Florida provide a high tax return if your car is electric or hybrid. There are also return programs for low energy items such as LED light bulbs and super-efficient HVAC systems, renewable energy systems, etc.

Preserve energy

we can also improve the use of mind energy.

Thinking a little bit out of the box, the same way we can use energy efficiently at home and eat food that heals and increase the level of energy, we can also improve the use of mind energy, that is, we can try to be green, that is, internally. With this I mean to be able to be more mentally efficient. This might render positive results in our mood, our physical condition, and attitude.

Mentally, human being uses an overwhelming amount of energy when the internal computer is working at full throttle. Our inner computer, the brain, spends most of the time creating thoughts, assessing (and many times judging) external stimuli, trying to control and automatically predict the final outcome of what is coming. This reminds me of the 2006 movie, Click starring Adam Sandler. Michael Newman (Sandler) traveled to a concurrent life in the future or the pas, by fast forwarding or rewinding his remote control while his body was in autopilot.

too much information

We are exposed to so much information.

When we are exposed to so much information (TV ads, pages, work, etc.) the brain spends a greater flow of energy by registering, measuring, and comparing thousands and thousands of thoughts. (The belief is that we produce about 80,000 thoughts per day.) Hence we create more distraction and less focus. Not only distractions and the waste of energy due to the never ending creation of thoughts is dangerous but the fact that amidst that vast amount of daily thoughts, a significant part of those are negative thoughts in essence or thoughts that produce a negative impact in our behavior and self-esteem.

Let me share a totally arbitrary example that could become real. Let us imagine that someone sees an ad of a very luxurious car. The driver of the car is a very handsome man, looks successful, and sitting next to him, a woman who is also very beautiful.  What message is received? Maybe the brain of the individual seeing this starts to make a comparison of himself and the driver, his circumstances. Maybe he will feel he is less, in terms of having material things. Thus the following thoughts can occur automatically: I am not successful because I do NOT wear the same clothes that model is wearing, I am not driving a car like that and my partner does not look that good. Therefore I do NOT deserve a car like that which is for successful people.  These seeds of negative thoughts were planted in the person who sees the ad.

It will definitively be very difficult to amount of information bombarded by the media as well as by other people. What we can do is to deactivate the automatic pilot of the brain and plant instead organic seeds of positive ideas. This way we would use less energy when producing a smaller number of thoughts and we will improve the quality of those. How can we achieve this? In a further post we will share some advice to deactivate the auto-pilot and to plant organic seeds within ourselves. With these steps we will begin to build our Friday state of mind.

Any thought? Please share your comments.

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