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The anxiety disorder is knocking on the door again

He woke up late. Last night he went late to bed because he was working on a sales presentation for today; the phone is ringing and his boss left a voice message telling him that the sales presentation scheduled for 10 AM has now moved 1 hour before: It will be now at 9 AM. He looks at the clock blinking 8:38 AM and he usually commutes for 15 minutes to work. He grabs something to eat after a quick face wash and a flash tooth brushing too. This is the 5th time in the last 2 weeks he is running late and his anxiety disorder is knocking on the door again. That could be the typical situation for a person who doesn’t have control of his time and work. In fact, I should say this is a perfect example of millions of people around the world (and who don’t have a Friday state of mind!).

In a previous post on April 18th, Mentally Green and Organic (Part 2), we mentioned the benefits of Relaxation and meditation. Furthermore, researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Medical Department sifted through nearly 19,000 meditation studies, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, suggesting that mindfulness meditation can help ease psychological stresses like anxiety, depression, and pain. Also, Harvard Medical School is talking about the same topic: They posted on January this year that Mindfulness meditation may ease anxiety and mental stress as well.

No stress

Meditation may ease anxiety and mental stress

The issue here in the global microwave society we live in (We’ll talk about this concept in the near future) is the lack of time, as the example of the person before. Wouldn’t be great if we can spend 4 or 5 hours just meditating and relaxing in front of the sea or in a monastery as a monk? Obviously, but we can’t all the time. However, there is a technology that has the potential to forever change your life in that regard. I’m going to share with you information for extraordinary meditation (No, telecommuting is not yet available as far as we know).

I’m talking about an mp3 audio program called The Brain Evolution System. It uses a technology called binaural beats, which has been shown scientifically to help reach deeper levels of meditation, bringing results much faster than regular meditation, in a 30 minute session.

Sometimes, when a person is not used to meditate, the mind couldn’t stop from meditateconstantly thinking about stuff, becoming restless after a few minutes, or the persona could fall asleep or get bored. The technologically-enhanced soundtrack creates brain entertainment, a natural phenomenon that calms down your train of thoughts and brings you into a progressively deeper meditation.

The best thing about it is how easy to use -yet powerful- this program is. All you have to do is sit down (or even lie down), close your eyes, and listen to the audio soundtracks while relaxing. The technology does the rest for you. You feel yourself slowly drifting in a deeper state of relaxing meditation.

Once you start using it, you will notice the results almost instantly. Within a few days, you will already feel noticeably less stressed; your thinking process gets sharper, your ideas clearer and you will be in a better mood, just as the Friday state of mind should be! I want to share my results on LUMOSITY after using The Brain Evolution System for about 4 weeks: BPIAt and Flex

You can download the first level for free on the link:

The Brain Evolution System

Please, share your results! I know the Fridaylovers want to hear from you!!!

Cheers and Happy Friday!



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