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Welcome Friday Lovers!

My name is Jac and I want to express my gratitude to the Universe ( you and all readers included) for all the gifts received during a life journey through this blog called Today is Friday (If you want to know more about this blog click here).

As you know Today is Friday is a motivational blog dedicated to create a Friday State of Mind every day, which is translated in to a higher level of energy.

The purpose of Today Is Friday consist of personal changes of negative habits and beliefs that can restrain us from achieving the best versions of ourselves. In short, I encourage  to reinvent yourself and create a new -super, updated- version of you! We will do this within a mindset of ethics and respect for all life forms.

So, Where should I begin? Like babies, taking baby steps or as I like to call them: succulent bites. So let’s get started!

The first step: Stop looking outside for a moment and look inside. I want you to create the habit of looking inside of you silently and quietly every day. Start doing this introspection one minute first then two,then five, then 30 minutes… but you need to do it every single day in order to create the habit (Please read here why I pay more attention in Habits instead of goals).

Just stop and do nothing but observe yourself: Your breathing,  heartbeat and most importantly pay special attention to your thoughts. A lot of people call this awareness process “meditation” but in reality what you are doing is a relaxation which takes place 2 or 3 steps before meditation state. Take a moment and read the following article where I explain the”meditation” process  nice and easy .

Why “meditation”?  Nearly 19,000 meditation studies, published in JAMA Internal Medicinesuggest that mindfulness meditation can help ease psychological stresses like anxiety, depression, and pain. Then the question should be, Why not meditate?

The second step, I encourage you, for 21 days, to take a diet of positivism consisting of focusing on only seeing the positive side of things and writing down in sticky notes (just as we did in the post about Increasing your self-esteem7 positive things as well as to feel thankful every day for 21 days. Also make sure to increase your water intake during that period.Motivation capsules

the 3rd step: Take a Motivation Capsule. This space is especially designed for those times when motivation seems to be going down hill and everything seems to be going wrong (work, relations, etc..) or feeling that the whole world is falling apart around you. The next time your motivation decides to leave you, you can take a motivation capsule in order to get back on track again to be the best version of yourself (Click here for Today’s Motivation Capsule directly on your mind-or you email 🙂 )

The 4th step:  Happiness goes hand in hand with abundance and prosperity, and you deserve to be happy. You deserve to be wealthy and have abundance in order to have a Friday state of mind every day. That’s why I recommend to organize your personal finance; Prosperity not only includes money aspects, but it is necessary this space to take a closer look at how you distribute your income as well as the income-expense ratio. Please kindly check this post where I propose a plan to become wealthier called  Road to Prosperity.

Last but not least, Your generosity has kept this site up and running! Thank you to all of you sincerely! That’s why I removed the banners from this site, however, I want you to know that a few of these links are affiliates which means I will earn a small commission if you buy the item at no extra cost to you and in some cases the item will have a discount from regular price thus making our relationship a Win-Win relationship. These small sales are how I keep the site up and running and so your support is greatly appreciated.

A big THANK YOU for stopping by! If there any way I can do this blog a better one each day, please share your thoughts and comments. I believe in the philosophy of Continuous Quality and I really appreciate your feedback!



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becoming more productive in every area of your life!
becoming more productive in every area of your life!
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