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Where Should I begin?

Where Should I begin?A new year and a new beginning. Dozens of goals, wishes, and goals cross your mind with plenty of enthusiasm and energy. You write down in planners and pads those goals that make more sense to you and everything looks very good! You read your list and again you tell yourself: Sounds like a winner plan! But, where should I begin?

I would like to share with you a method that has personally worked for me when organizing my goals and that is part of the Life Strategy Creator © program. This is our belated Christmas and New Year gift to you as a member of our community… and just because today is Friday! 

So let’s get started…First and foremost:

Organize your goals

Human beings easily follows up on goals when they are schematically organized in areas of influence in the emotional, physical, spiritual or material domains. You might feel keener on an area more than other based on your personality. However, it is the balance between these areas what makes achieving your goals easier.

-So Jac, What’s that mean?

-I know..sound like a NASA experiment… so let’s keep this simple:

 There are 4 areas or affirmation proposed by the Life Strategy Creator ©  method:

1) I am Healthy

2) I grow as Human Being

3) I prosper

and 4) I am Happy.

Organize your goals

For example, if one of your goals for this year is lose 20 pounds, this goal falls in the affirmation category I am Healthy as it has a direct impact on your health.

-(are you with me?? 🙂 )

Note: While the goal is very specific and seemingly achievable (otherwise it would be a different goal, like “I will join a gym this year”), there is an essential ingredient missing. It should include when that goal will be achieved. In other words, put some time line there like the following example:

“By November 2016 I will be a certified project manager” or “by October 2016 I would have visited 8 new places”. As you may noticed both goals are falling under one of the areas: I grow as a Human being and I am happy respectively.

-Comprende Mendes? (That’s an expression that means Do you understand? The Spanish lessons are for free!! 🙂

One step at a time

Once you draw your chart with goals matching the affirmations it is time to realize the

working scheme.

Each affirmation represents a week of work.

That is, in week 1 you will dedicate 70% of your time to goals that fall in this domain (70% of the time dedicated to the goals in your day).

-Hold your horses Jac? are you still explaining in Spanish?

-No amigo.. Let’s break down the wall… 🙂

For example, during the week corresponding to the affirmation of the first area I am Healthy ( and using the example of the losing 20 pounds goal) you will intensify your efforts about  70% on things related to health topic, like diet, breaking the fast, playing more sports, and any other thing that is part of the working plan you set for that affirmation.

-Roger that Houston? …

-Now I get it Jac!!! The first Area is related to health (that’s why the affirmation” I’m Healthy”)

-Exactly (applause!!!)…  It is the week of intensifying your work on health.Step by step

The remaining 30% of the time will be divided between the other affirmations or areas as maintain and follow-up.

In simple math: out of the 10 activities in one day of the week for the affirmation I am Healthy, 7 activities are intended for the affirmation of the week and the other 3 daily activities would be for the other 3 remaining affirmations.

-Clear as water, right? 

-hmm..not sure Jac.. through me another one….

-Hang tight then…

Similarly, in week 2 for the affirmation I grow as a Human Being, 70% of the daily activities are dedicated to those goals focused on growing as human being (like learning news skills) and the remaining 30% to the rest of the affirmations or areas.

It is very important to keep the balance in all the areas for a short period of time. That means that all the affirmations will then be covered at least once after a month of work.

-Got it!! So what’s next?

-Almost there… Next is

Following-up on your achievements

Life Strategy Creator © method suggests using a pad or notebook with plenty of Follow uppages (for those of you who prefer the simple method of pen and paper) where you write down your goals every year and a daily follow-up of the activities completed.

-So basically I need to track it all? It is not time consuming? 

-Once you start tracking your accomplishment you’ll see the progress and results which will motivate you to keep going….

By the end of each week you can go over how many activities you did and the number of outstanding activities to address in the next affirmation cycle.

-I can’t see the whole picture! Can you give me light?? 🙂 

The advantage of such a method is that you’ll save time in the learning curve when constantly changing activities in one single day.

For example, it takes a significant amount of time to get the right mindset and start studying after finishing a “heavy duty” workout routine.

But with this method, both your body and your mind adapt to the first day of the week of the target area you will be focusing on and it favors maintaining the other two areas.

Now that you can see the whole picture, you probably are asking “Where should I begin?” and that’s might be your first affirmation instead: “I am beginning”

Happy Friday!

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