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What if you could say Today is Friday every day?

Inspiring Motivation, Abundance and Wellness every day as if every day were a Friday.

Today is Friday (even if is not Friday).

Hi and welcome to Today is Friday! My name is Jac (yes, the one at the photo right there → 🙂 ). My Passion: To help others. My Motivation: The unexplained and mysterious but awesome feeling we experience after helping someone without expecting anything in return.

What about you, what motivates you?

This site is all about sharing my strategies on how to find Inner and outer Motivation every day as if every day was a Friday, because we love Fridays. Also,  is about creating a Life Master Plan and develop your Personal branding with Abundance and a high level of Energy.

Today is Friday Pledge:

Inspiring MotivationAbundance and Wellness every day as if every day were a Friday

Freedom to Chose

But Why Friday? 

People tend to be happier during the weekend starting on Friday Evening probably because we have:

   -The freedom to choose what we want to do

-and have more time to spend with our families and friends

(As per  the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology publications and studies this is called the “Weekend effect”).

So people feel better mentally and physically on Fridays.

Regardless of how much money they earn.

Regardless of age, or how many hours they work, how educated they are.

People just feel better. (This is a fact!! 🙂 )

Furthermore, Fridays are associated with higher levels of freedom and closeness.

People are involved in activities of their own choosing and spend time with more intimate friends and family members.

Surprisingly, people feel more competent during the weekend than they do at their day-to-day jobs.

In Today is Friday we want to make you feel like every day is Friday.

Today is Friday blog

Today is Friday is a motivational blog for a positive attitude development.

There is definitely something special on Fridays!

That magical day succeeds in changing the state of mind of many of us:

We feel full of energy, with a positive attitude and good humor.

This special day brings out the best in us.

Friday state of mind prepare us for the workday, and in turn makes the inner child happy.

Fun things are about to happen in the weekend.

Friday state of mind is positive, happy, cheerful, and focused.

Without limits or boundaries!

I’m  sure if you emulate a Friday state of mind every day of the week, the result would be impressive in what we could accomplish!

A Friday state of mind makes us see opportunities where others see failure.

Makes us happy internally no matter what is happening around us. That is non-reactive to external circumstances.

Friday state of mind can provide a higher level of energy. It helps to get focus where we want to be, happy, steady and easy way!

In this blog we invite you to develop Friday state of mind. Together we will achieve this physical, mental and emotional Friday state every day of the year!

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Welcome again and remember:

Today is Friday!

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Who is Today is Friday?

Who is Today is Friday?

Jac is a professional life coach and life strategist specialized in developing personal competitiveness and advantages in his clients. He has Electronic and telecommunication engineering bachelor degree and strategic management master degree. He is also a music producer and songwriter. He worked as a telecommunication consultant in different Latin American countries (Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc.) and in the United States. Reiki Master. FIADASEC member since 2008 and Rotary Club member since 2015.

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becoming more productive in every area of your life!
becoming more productive in every area of your life!
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